KJK Client CLEANLIFE Introduces Welcome to Work Kits to Assist Employers with Covid-19 Compliance.


PPE KitWith companies and schools preparing to bring back workers, students and teachers, KJK client CLEANLIFE® LLC has introduced a line of boxed PPE kits that make it easier for employers to follow CDC Guidelines.

As of July 17, Ohio has 19 counties that have reached Level 3 status in the state’s Public Health Advisory Alert System, which mandates face coverings. Under the order, masks are required in any indoor location that is not a residence, when outdoors and social distancing cannot be maintained, or when using public transportation or a ride-sharing vehicle.

As an FDA registered provider of PPE, CLEANLIFE came up with these kits to include masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and hand wipes. CEO Justin Miller noted, “We want the process to be easy for the company to hand out and the employee to keep track of. These boxes are the ideal solution.”

Three different kits are available for immediate shipment and all kitting is done in the US. For more information, email ppe@cleanlife.com or check out www.cleanlife.com.