By Susan Stone & Kristina Supler

covid studentsAh, predictions. This past May and June, the Student & Athlete Defense group wrote a blog and recorded a podcast about how colleges will implement and enforce social distancing rules. Fast forward, we’re here. Just this week, Florida Gulf Coast University suspended two fraternities accused of hosting large, off-campus parties – which the school said were in “violation of the University’s COVID-19 guidelines for crowd size, social distancing and face coverings, thereby possibly posing a serious and direct threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community and operations.” It was a similar story at the University of Pittsburgh, which suspended a quarter of all Greek life chapters that school officials said “may have been involved in conduct that violates the University’s Health and Safety Guidelines, as well as other violations of the Student Code of Conduct.” And in Ohio, The Ohio State University (OSU) issued 228 interim suspensions to students for violating the school’s prohibition on large gatherings. OSU defines a large gathering as one with more than 10 people. In addition to limiting the size of social gatherings, OSU requires that students wear face masks and practice safe distancing. These guidelines apply both on and off campus, and those found in violation of the rules face student conduct proceedings… Read more.