Navigating the PPP Loan Necessity Test

ppp loan necessity test
Presented: December 16, 2020
KJK Partners Kevin O’Connor and Demetrius Robinson discuss the details of the PPP Loan Necessity Test.

About this Event

PPP borrowers who received more than $2 million through the forgivable loan program may be in for a surprise request from their lender, as the SBA rolls out Form 3509, which requires borrowers to answer detailed questions about their need for the loan. In this webinar, KJK Partners Kevin O’Connor and Demetrius Robinson discuss the things businesses need to consider when responding to Form 3509 and how to protect themselves from potential audits or demands for repayment.

The webinar includes:

  • What is Form 3509 and Why It’s Problematic
  • PPP Loan Forgiveness
  • PPP Loan Deductibility
  • Potential Legislative Changes
  • Q&A with the Panelists